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2. GAMES – Captive Media

Urinal Games


Once Captive Media is installed in your restroom, even a urinal trough becomes a gaming console – with a different game for every month of the year,  all controlled by aiming left and right! From “Bustin’ Tanks” to chasing penguins “On The Piste” – it’s a man’s dream. If you haven’t seen how this works, just click the green button. Then click any image below to see the games in action.  More games here.


Hit the urinal targets to beat the goalie – perfect entertainment for World Cup viewers! Can be adapted for sponsors too, with multiple places to insert branding.

Donald Trump urinal game


One Irish pub hit the headlines with this simple Donald Trump urinal. Go one better with our award-winning election game, where players ‘cast votes’ in a worldwide poll!

Tank Shooting Urinal Game


It’s August 1944 and you control a Sherman tank, returning fire as Panzer IV’s emerge from Caen’s misty ruins.  Firing live ammo – it doesn’t get any better! Credit to DriveTanks.com for the inspiration

Rugby urinal game


Players control a running back by aiming left and right at the urinal stickers, weaving through on-rushing tacklers. Points for yards gained, tackles broken and golden balls! Featured on primetime TV in New Zealand.

Nascar F1 driving game for urinals


Developed with partners WeAreRemo this driving game features Nascar, F1 and monster trucks in a variety of landscapes. Keep going till you run out of gas …

Create your own art - at the urinal


A favourite on the Discovery Channel this game doodles as you go. Pee on the targets to change colour – then download your Masterpeece and send it to the one you love!